IMG_5078rBubba’s Home Co. welcomes the holidays and recognizes the need for enhanced security measures during this season with a coupon special for their new wireless driveway alarm. The holiday shopping rush brings about a sharp rise in theft and burglary. Now through the end of December, shoppers and homeowners can save 15% on their purchase of a Bubba’s wireless driveway alarm when they type in coupon code BUB15OFF when they purchase a unit on  Amazon – now through the end of December- while supplies last.

Studies show a sharp rise in crime during the fall and winter holiday shopping season. More people are carrying cash, pricey purchases, gifts and gift cards. This year, all records will be broken for online shopping.  Packages will be left on front porches and door steps. The season becomes so crazy that shoppers and homeowners often become lazy  in regard to personal safety. It is all an invitation that criminals cannot resist.

“We like to tell folks that the stakes are quite high this time of year,” said Chris ‘Bubba’ Newlin, president and CEO of Bubba’s Home Company, “In the hustle and bustle of the season, people tend to forget to protect their recent investments, and even more importantly, to guard their own personal safety.”

Bubba’s Home Co. recommends that in addition to common sense security guidelines, (strong locks, bright night lighting, nosy but trusted neighbors), that gifts and parcels shouldn’t be visible from outside your house or vehicle. Do not leave product boxes and packaging from expensive items out on the curb for trash day, (cut them up and recycle or bag them.) Mail order packages should be delivered to your office or a local package services store, request “signature only” deliveries, or ask a neighbor watch for the delivery trucks.

Good security systems can be a good deterrent. Bubba’s Driveway Alarm is a simple battery operated wireless motion sensor and receiver that can be used detect visitors or intruders alike. Drives, porches, entryways, and restricted areas can be monitored. Choose either a doorbell chime or a 90dB siren as an alert sound.

“The holidays are a wondrous time for everyone; unfortunately they are also a time for predatory criminals,” adds Chris Newlin. “It’s a great time to remind folks to be alert and to keep their guard up. Bubba’s Home Driveway Alarm can be an inexpensive yet effective part of a holiday security plan.”