Welcome to Bubba’s Home! If your home is anything like Bubba’s home, you know that security is often a number one concern. We strive to give you home security products that are easy to use, can be purchased at an unbelievable price point, and will work every time. All of our “Bubba” friends are problem solving do-it-yourself kinda people, and we work hard to help them work hard, finding the best tools for improving the safety and security of their homes or offices.

Your Bubba’s Home Security Driveway Alarm can be used in several ways. Most users initially choose to use the system as a true warning alarm. The PIR (Passive Infrared) Motion Sensor Transmitter can be pointed toward a driveway gate, mounted on a stake or post near a long entry road or walkway, or facing an alleyway or loading dock area. They are also reliable when used inside a separate garage or out-building.

The motion sensor is also handy in non-emergency situations. They may be used on a porch or near a front door to detect visitors, or in an office front lobby or entryway to announce customers. Entry into restricted areas like stock rooms and supply closets can be easily monitored.

Several units can be mixed and matched to monitor different secure areas. Receivers can be set to various ringtones so that users can differentiate which motion detector has been tripped. For example, two PIR motion sensors can be programmed into one receiver; perhaps two entrances into a storage area need to be monitored, with only a single alert needed. In another example, one motion sensor and a companion receiver can be used near a front door, and another motion sensor can be set near a rear entrance with a second receiver switched to a different alert tone.

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